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Monthly Computer Maintenance for Clients
By Margaret

- Run Malwarebytes (unless you have the Premium version which runs automatically). Update first if not do not need to purchase the paid version but it is a second line of defense and is a great program should you decide to upgrade to the Premium version ($39.95- $29.99 per year). If it finds anything please contact me and do not run CCleaner.

- Run SUPERAntiSpyware - Update first if not do not need to purchase the paid version.  It will find Adware cookies - remove them.  If it finds anything else please contact me and do not run CCleaner.

- Run CCleaner - If it asks about updating please do so.  There is a paid version which is not needed but automatically updates the program for you rather than having to manually download it. "Train" CCleaner first - See more below. Run CCleaner until clean.

Run CCleaner's Registry Cleaner a couple times a year.  Always save backup to the Folder in your Documents called "CCleaner Reg Files" which it should automatically open to if I have set it up for you.

If PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) are found also run Rkill, AdwCleaner, JRT and RogueKiller from Always create a System Restore point first. Follow instruction, call me if needed.

CCleaner - "Training" it not to remove wanted Cookies and
saved Information on Frequently visited Webpages and Programs

Open CCleaner - Feel free to update program, you do not need to purchase program unless you want it to automatically update
  • Go to "Options"
  • Then "Cookies"

You will now see all the place your Internet Browser(s) has been - some will look familiar others will not.
  • Double click on a "Cookie" you may wish to keep such as your bank, credit card *company or *web pages such as Facebook, Ebay or any other webpage where *you want your logon **information saved.  Also check the "www" extensions of those you wish to keep.

Now personalize it by clicking on "Cleaner"  uncheck
Under Windows
  • Recent Documents*Recycle Bin if you do not wish it emptied*Any Browser's History you don't want removed
Under Applications
  • Any Browser's History you don't want removed*Any Applications you do not want Recent Documents shortcuts to be removed such as Office *and/or Adobe Reader*Any Utilities such as Malwarebytes and any other Malware Scanner.

Finally clean up your registry
  • Select "Registry" and "Scan for Issues" - this will get rid of unneeded files.
  • Click on "Fix selected issues" an say "yes" to creating a backup (make a folder called "CCleaner Reg Files", if it doesn't already exist in your document folder, by clicking on New Folder and naming it "CCleaner Reg Files") then click save...after this it will be setup.
  • now click on "Fix All Selected Issues" and run until there are no more issues.